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What is Foot and Ankle Pain?

Ankles, vulnerable to twists and strains in everyday life, can be damaged in the soft tissues which can result in pain, swelling and some degree of disability. Untreated it may lead to long term weakness, balance problems and reoccurence.

Foot pain, known as plantar fasciitis, is inflammation on the sole of the foot often experience by runners and people with tight achilles tendons. The pain is experienced down the longitudanal arch which is on the inside of the foot. Tarsal bones in middle age may tend to drop. The transverse arch of the foot is affected giving pain just under the toes.

What are the treatment options for Ankle and Foot pain?

Physiotherapy can be effective for relief and rebalancing ankles. Foot pain can be treated with laser therapy, ultrasound, manipulation and shoe inserts.

What kind of treatments will I need?

You have nothing to lose but the pain. Everyone is unique, so please phone us today to book an appointment for your specific needs.

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