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There are two main types which affect the patient. Slight blood pressure changes within the cranium can cause headaches. This can be diagnosed with a dobers machine which measures the pressure of bloodflow to the brain. The other is muscular which affects the muscles of the neck and shoulder causing headaches. However there is a third type of headache which could be caused through allergies to dairy products.


There are two types of migraines, cluster migraine and normal migraine which normally affects one side of the head or face and is usually associated with the patient being light sensitive.

Are there treatment options for Headaches and Migraines other than just medicines?

Yes we can successfully treat most forms of headache and migraine.


There are two main types of tinnitus, the ones which come from inside the ear and the ones which can be controlled by TMJ (temporomandibular joint). If a patient can control the level of tinnitus in their ears by opening and shutting their mouth, and they have related neck pain, it is normally from the TMJ.

What is the treatment for Tinnitus?

The only active treatment for tinnitus is laser therapy. Please phone us today to book an appointment to see how we can help you. You have nothing to lose, except the pain.

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