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What is LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy, typically called cold laser or LLLT is a very good tool to aid tissue repair including nerve regeneration and excellent for bone formation. For example, a typical cold laser can speed up a non union fracture in the hand or foot by three times. That calculates to a fracture healing in two weeks as opposed to six weeks. Laser therapy can also be used as a safe alternative to acupuncture when applied to acupuncture points. This is good for needle phobic patients (those with a fear of needles).

How does Laser Therapy work?

Low level cold laser is pain free, it works from the infra red spectrum. It penetrates up to 3cm into the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body. Once the treatment site is targeted the laser light stimulates the mitrichondria of the cell (cell body) within muscles, tendons or ligaments causing them to oxidize and duplicate accelerating the cell division and increasing healing at twice the normal rate.

What can Laser Therapy treat?

Sports and Dance Injuries - Laser therapy is ideal in accelerating tissue healing sprained and strained muscles ligaments and tendon, including tendonitis and (RSI.) Repetitive strain injuries.

Laser Acupuncture -Ideal for patients who don’t like acupuncture needles. Studies show it is just as good as acupuncture.

Laser therapy can be also employed to regenerated nerves very good in the treatment of Bells Palsy (paralysis of one side of the face). Bell’s palsy case study.

An excellent treatment for phantom limb syndrome.

Nerve Regeneration - see the case study under Slipped or Bulging Discs

Temporal mandible pain, TMJ, has been shown to respond well to laser therapy, however a good diagnosis is needed before treatment.

Speeds Up Broken Bone Formation - Laser therapy has been successfully used to accelerate a none union fracture of the hand and foot in weeks.It can be used over metal implants and pins in the joints of the body, unlike ultra sound or electrical medical equipment.

Trigeminal neuralgia responds well to Laser therapy.

Shingles - Laser therapy has been the only clinical treatment for shingles that is effective, often called the ring of fire, because shingles affects the trunk of the body.

Arthritis - laser therapy has been show to help ease the pain of arthritis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome -Repetitive strain movements of the hand cause carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful and debilitating condition. Unlike other forms of electro therapy laser therapy can be used immediately after an injury making it even quicker to recover from injury. The laser therapy increases the blood supply to the effected wrist improving the microcirculation of the venous blood, this seems to be the first stages of carpal tunnel syndrome hence the tingling and sometimes numb sensation that is associated with the condition.


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