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PHYSIOTHERAPY at SE1 London Bridge City Clinic Group

What is Physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy is the non invasive use of electrotherapy, rehabilitation, and deep massage upon medical conditions. A physiotherapist will treat a number of muscular skeletal conditions (joints, discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves) ranging from sporting injuries, to pre and post operative back pain. They also treat the symptoms of diseases for example osteoarthritis, and other degenerative conditions within the body.

Tell me about the physiotherapists at City Clinic Group?

All Chartered Physiotherapists at City Clinic Group are recognised by the General Medical Council, approved by all private health insurers and they are members of the HPC, the Health Professions Council. They have a highly scientific approach and are very experienced and up to date with the latest cutting edge research and developments. All physiotherapists at City Clinic Group can treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from back and neck pain, sciatica, pins, needles and numbness, frozen shoulder pain, golfer and tennis elbow, knee pain, pelvic and coccyx pain, ankle and foot pain, postural correction, RSI repetitive strain injury, sporting and dancing injury, whiplash, headaches and migraines, TMJ jaw pain and Bell’s Palsy.

Are there different types of physiotherapists?

There are various types of physiotherapists: respiratory, muscular skeletal, manipulative and neurological physiotherapists. Neurological physiotherapists treat stroke victims and other neuropathic conditions. Chartered Physiotherapists can also administer acupuncture for pain relief and for treating neuromuscular conditions of the body such as trigger points.

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Visit SE1 London Bridge City Clinic Group including City Back Pain Clinic, your physio therapy back pain clinic with chartered physiotherapist Dr. Christopher Curtis offering physiotherapy, LLLT low level laser therapy, remedial sports massage, osteomyology, spinal & joint adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, treating back, neck & sciatica pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, sports injuries, whiplash, jaw pain TMJ, headaches, migraines & tinnitus to name a few. Approved by most major private health insurance providers. The only thing you have to lose, is the pain.

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