What to expect on your initial consultation:
You will be welcomed into the clinic and made comfortable. A full medical history will be taken along with a full neurological and orthopaedic examination.
What would I wear?
Comfortable clothes, bring a pair of pants, and wear something that can easily be removed for access to the back for treatment. Some treatments would not require removing any clothing.
Should I worry about eating or drinking before or after the treatments?
There should be no problems encountered eating or drinking before your treatments. In some cases you could be told that you should drink plenty of water after your treatments.
Is there anything special about my first visit?
If you could take the time to print off this form, complete it and bring it with you on your first consultation and treatment, it would help me greatly to save time and to tailor a specific treatment plan for your individual needs. Thank you, Chris Curtis MCSP.
Please Click HERE to download Your Information Form in the PDF file.

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If you wish to simply print off the Information Form using your Internet Browser then please CLICK HERE FOR A PLAIN TEXT FORM. Thank You, Chris Curtis MCSP
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