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From Mrs. Lawton - "I have been looking for a practioner like Chris for 15 years. At last I found a physiotherapist that can make a difference. I found I was not responding to just one treatment with other therapists. It took a combination of treatments, remedial massage, spinal manipulations and acupuncture, as I had a number of different health problems. Thanks Chris"

From Mr. Leather - "Having suffered from chronic neck pain for two years following a car accident, I had a lot of pain in my neck. I only got relief from the treatment that Chris gave me. Thanks for my neck back Chris or should I say my old neck back!"

From Tom - "I went to city clinic just after having gone into remission from leukaemia, with a damaged knee. The knee had been a problem since before the leukaemia was diagnosed but despite a trip to another physio, had not gone away. As my blood count was very low at the time Chris decided to use chinese acupuncture in conjunction to regular physiotherapy techniques, to try and help stimulate my blood count upwards and hence allow my body to heal itself. I had ten sessions and to start with I was exhausted by the end of each session, feeling physically drained. The knee was a little slow to respond to the physical manipulation and the exercises, however my blood count did improve rapidly. It’s arguable that the blood count was a natural process, however the rate of recovery of my blood count was much greater than prior to visiting Chris. Also as Chris predicted, once my blood count returned to normal, the knee started to respond much better to the physical aspect of the treatment. I would definitely recommend Chris, mainly because he seems to have more skills at his fingertips than a standard physio and is very happy to combine them to swiften your recovery!"

Visit SE1 London Bridge City Clinic Group including City Back Pain Clinic, your physio therapy back pain clinic with chartered physiotherapist Dr. Christopher Curtis offering physiotherapy, LLLT low level laser therapy, remedial sports massage, osteomyology, spinal & joint adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, treating back, neck & sciatica pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, sports injuries, whiplash, jaw pain TMJ, headaches, migraines & tinnitus to name a few. Approved by most major private health insurance providers. The only thing you have to lose, is the pain.


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City Clinic Group including City Back Pain Clinic
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