Pain free adjustments are made to your spine and any other joint of your body, to relieve muscular pain and spasm, thus increasing the range of movement in a joint and reducing pain.
Soft Tissue Manipulation
A method of deep tissue manipulation that relieves muscular pain. It can be used to loosen muscles prior to spinal manipulation.
Electro Therapy
Interferential current, a very relaxing electro-current is passed through the body. It is a very good treatment for muscular spasm, swelling and pain relief.
Laser Therapy
A very good tool to aid tissue repair including nerve regeneration and excellent for bone formation. For example, a typical cold laser can speed up a non union fracture in the hand or foot by three times. That calculates to a fracture healing in two weeks as opposed to six weeks. Laser therapy can also be used as a safe alternative to acupuncture when applied to acupuncture points. This is good for needle phobic patients (those with a fear of needles).
Intermuscular Stimulation
A method of passing an electrical current through an acupuncture needle into the muscle. It is very good for treating pain and trigger points (hypersensitive areas that cause the muscle to ache causing the muscles to go into spasm)
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